Here you can buy plans, manuals, dxf files and SHORT KIT-s of my RC aeroplane designs.

Most items in webstore are in electronic form. They are files only, that buyer can print on office printer. Files are mostly in pdf format. You can use Acrobat reader to print them.

Regarding DXF files, please download a SAMPLE DXF, to check if it works for you and software you using for DXF files.

All purchased files will be sent to your email shortly after you pay them using Paypal.

Payment is posible only using Paypal.

Please check the size of attachment your email can recieve!

Click on item, to see more about it in new window.

Files will arrive at your email in less than 12 hours after the payment is made.

SHORT KITs will be sent in 2 days when On stock, but when "out od stock", then please check this item again in a week or so.

Tracking number will be sent by email.