About Me

My love for the aviation begins in my early years, when my late father often took me with him to the local Airfield, where he was a member.


I start to build and fly with free flight gliders and U controll glow engine planes.

Later I join aeroclub, but left as was young and rather go to the summer hollidays on the shore, than the airfield.

Afterthat I build some hang Gliders and start fly with them. Later I buy some new Hang Gliders and start to attend competitions. It last about 15 years. I flew also with ParaGliders.

Then I return back to the models. I start to design my own and off course, all Radio Controlled.

For a short period I i fly also with sailplanes in our local aeroclub. It last about 4 years.

Now I am again on the RC modells, but off course from time to time I fly with my old HG and PG. 

                    Me with a Hang Glider.                               Remembrance of my past hang gliding.

        Having fun with a motorized ParaGlider.                Having even more fun with Discus Sailplane.



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