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12 sheets of DXF files for all wooden parts suitable for cutting on CNC router or Laser machines. Format of the plates are 60x40cm (23,62"x15,75"). Files are zipped. Decoration and sticker files are included (as seen on Marabu II. prototype photos).

You can use these files for own purposes only. Commercial use of these files are not allowed without my permission.

For further informations, see Marabu II plane , Assembly instructions and building thread on rcgroups. Read Assembly instructions and building thread prior attempt to build this model.

On the DXF files there are some blue color donuts drawn. These are points, where you can screw your plates on the router table in order to avoid buckling.

You need to make your own postprocessing, according to mill bit size and favorable feed rates. I suggest to use prenty bridges in order to stay parts firmly in place, othervise, some unwanted moving and false cuts could resulted.

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