HORNET 1channel Mini RC Sailboat

EUR 3.99

Plans and dxf file for various parts of 1 channel R/C Mini RC Sailboat. Wooden construction, except main fin, ballast and rudder. Two different size sail and mast included in plans. Mast with sail easily removable for transport.

Joy with kids on home garden pool, making a "regatta" ....


  • Length (complete with rudder): 305 mm
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Height (complete with mast and fin): 616 mm

Photo Album (click here)

Building materials:

  • 3mm thick white poplar plywood (basic frame; deck, keel, ribs, servo mount..)
  • birch or similar veneer (hull sheeting)
  • BBQ skewers (mast and boom)
  • thin. 0,5-1mm aluminum and steel sheet (rudder and fin)
  • clear (or colored) plastic sheet 0,5-1mm thick (servo and battery hatch cover)
  • thin wood screws
  • thin steel rod 0,8mm thick
  • thin plastic tube
  • lightweight plastic bag
  • steel rod 8 mm diameter, or a piece of M8 bolt (keel ballast)
  • white wood glue, CA glue, 5 min epoxy glue

RC Equippment (suggested):

  • mini receiver
  • 1 cell Li-Po 3,7V, 950mAh battery
  • voltage boster (from 3,7 to 5V)
  • mini servo, HXT-900 or similar size

See Sailing videos here:

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